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East Anglian Special Interest

Beware the Brewer

Beware of the Brewer

Henry Ormsby
Published by Anthony Lansdown
ISBN 978 1 85215 1836
Paperback 6.99

There are many textbooks on brewing science and books for homebrewers, crammed with tips and recipes. But up to now, no writer has described what it was like to be a working brewer.

Henry Ormsby, drawing on his own experiences, has opened up this almost secret world with a novel, written in an autobiographic style. If vets, doctors, lawyers and spies can have their say, why not the man that makes your beer; brewing is, after all, the second oldest profession in the world.

Whether you are a saloon bar expert on traditional ale or a lager drinker, you will enjoy the ups and downs of training in a 1960s country brewery. Here you can see the beer fermenting and there's not a computer in sight. This is hands-on brewing and often the hands go in up to the armpits.

The Thalatta Diaries

The Thalatta Diaries

Rita Phillips
ISBN 978 1 85215 1812

Many people will have encountered the Thames Sailing Barge Thalatta since she started her sailing life a century ago; the stevedores and dockers who handled her cargoes; and the various Masters and crews who voyaged with her. Thalatta carried all manner of loads to many ports around the coast of Britain and to several ports across the Channel in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

More recently, since 1967, many thousands of young people from schools have taken cruises along the East Coast gaining team spirit and self-confidence in the process.

Unfortunately, very few of these people have made any form of record of their 'Thalatta experience'.

So it is very good to know that someone, who has been on board for four seasons, has taken the trouble to record her experiences as Third Hand, so helping us to appreciate what life is really like on board a Thames Sailing Barge as she cruises along the coast, enabling young people to understand something of our maritime heritage.

Tomorrow is Another Day

Tomorrow is Another Day

John Talman
ISBN 978 1 85215 0617

The story is set in Suffolk and explores how three families are brought together by the events of The Second World War.

The Grimstones are a wealthy local family whose recently married daughter Sylvia seeks ways to contribute to the 'home front' whilst her husband is serving in various campaigns overseas. Her experiences with the WVS during and following the air raids cause her to reconsider her role in life.

In common with many other young boys Jimmy Wright forsakes his apprenticeship with a local engineering firm and signs up for the army. Once the enemy commences bombing Ipswich his girlfriend, Doris, joins the local Ambulance Corps where she meets up with Sylvia - their relationship crosses well established class barriers.

At the same time, across the Atlantic, the Nelsons from Red Oak, Iowa, know little of the war in Europe in the early days but have to cope with their son Tom enlisting after Pearl Harbour. Tom is trained as an aircraft mechanic and posted to England.

The arrival of the Americans in war torn Suffolk add another significant dimension to the story.

Tomorrow is Another Day is a book about relationships between people who are dramatically changed by war.

210mm x 150mm; 317pp


Vegetarians and Custard

Felicity Jelliff
ISBN 978 1 85215 0839

Felicity Jelliff bought the restaurant on the 13th, ran it for 13 years and sold it on the 13th. In that time she came in contact with all that fate and bureaucracy could throw at the small businesswoman. But she triumphed, despite staff walkouts, awkward customers, environmental health officers, broken legs, fires, the 1987 hurricane, dropped dishes, staff romances, burglary, theft – and a helpful husband.

In light-hearted vein, yet serious where she needs to be, Felicity Jelliff takes us through the problems and dangers of running a restaurant, from almost raw beginner to seasoned matriarch, with customers dotted around the world. If you had ever thought of setting up shop to feed the hungry masses, you may be dismayed to know that your problems are not only not serving a sweet white wine with roast, but also contemplating serving those two banes of this restaurateur’s life – vegetarians and custard.

The restaurant is in Walberswick, thus providing local interest to East Anglian readers, but it could be anywhere.

Illustrated with line cartoons and colour photos, and with sample recipes

"Humorous and honest account .... a sharply observed and entertaining book" - Lady Jill Freud (artistic director of Southwold & Aldeburgh Theatre)

Spirit of East Anglia

Spirit of East Anglia

A collection of Sketches by Jill Raeburn Wilson and Poems by Jane Shepherd-Miller
ISBN 978 1 85215 0648

A unique blend of art and poetry, this book seeks to celebrate the intrinsic beauty to be found in East Anglia’s landscapes, its historic buildings, its river estuaries and coastline. A map guides visitors to the various sites featured including several National Trust and English Heritage properties.

Introduction by John Talman: The very idea of the book creates a wonderful picture of these two good friends, Jane and Jill, travelling East Anglia, sketching the pockets that appeal to them and later, in the quiet of an evening, putting words to their pictures. The end result is an utterly charming book full of drawings of well-known areas as well as quiet corners of this lovely part of England. The poetry that accompanies the artwork is as fresh as the breeze from the North Sea.

This little collection will be enjoyed by East Anglians and visitors alike.

Mistleyman's Log

Mistleyman's Log

Chronicles of a barging life as told by A H (Chubb) Horlock,
written by R J Horlock
ISBN 978 0 90443 0018
240 x 165mm; 226pp with 29 illustrations & 94 photos
Hardback with dust jacket
As new 1st Edition, published 1977

This book tells the story of the Horlock family and barges from 1780 to 1929, together with chapters on the Stour Navigation, Mistley Quay, the Thames before WW1, wartime barging, a trip to France, barge racing as well as incidents in the author's life.

A vivid account of barging in the early 1900s.

This is a book which fills a gap in barging literature. The Horlock's of Mistley, in Essex, have for centuries played a major role in the development and working spritsailed barge. The family have been one of the dominant influences as owners, designers, skippers and crew in workaday barge life but above all else in the Sailing Barge Matches of the Thames and Medway which were inaugaurated by Henry Dodd, the 'Golden Dustman'.

Hervey Banham writes in his foreword, "Mistleyman's Log represents a wonderfully fruitful father and son collaboration. Robert Horlock has been able to see and share in his father's lively and eventful life and lives it again with him. I think that by no other means could such a richly rewarding book have been achieved."

Racing Horlocks

The Racing Horlocks

Robert Horlock & Ron Weyda
240 x 170mm; 176pp with 8 pages in full colour and over 150 illustrations, most previously unpublished
High quality hardback

During the 19th century and early part of the 20th century, the estuaries of the Thames and Medway, and the rivers of Essex and Suffolk were alive with the red sails of the Thames spiritsail barge. They were the workhorses of the East Coast sailing trade, carrying all manner of cargo to and from the capital. About the middle of the 19th Century, owners began racing their barges for pleasure.

This book is a major new addition to the history of Thames barge racing and traces the Horlock family's unrivalled success spanning over 100 years. The book melds Chubb Horlock's racing experience with aspects of design, tactics and descriptions of the races on the Thames, Medway, Blackwater and Orwell rivers including appendices, barge index and bibliography.

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